Our Services

Wellness exam

This will involve a thorough physical exam that will help detect early changes to your pet's health that they can not tell you otherwise , like if there is a bad tooth, if their thyroid gland is enlarged, if there is a change to the heartsound through auscultation or if there is something as simple as a nail infection.

Geriatric care

This service mainly focuses on providing continuous medical support or treatment to pets that have chronic conditions. They will benefit from blood and urine tests and other diagnostics as the veterinarian recommends.

Digital radiographs 

We have on site capability to take digital radiographs , you will have the results in minutes and we will recommend a radiologist consultation as needed for your pet's best care.

Dental care

Dental health is a very important part of your pet's prevention care. We are firm believers that you can brush your pet's teeth , nothing will substitute that precious and bonding moment, and we are ready to show you and give you the confidence that you can do it ! We understand that some pets can be stubborn so in addition we also provide deep dental cleaning and polishing.

In house diagnostic laboratory

We have a full laboratory, we use the Abaxis System that runs with very little blood sample which benefits small pediatric or geriatric pets. The system provides test results in minutes with the precision and accuracy equivalent to a clinical laboratory. All blood and urine tests are typically ready in less than 30 minutes.


This important diagnostic tool is used also in our facility performed by a highly experienced team. We recommend this test to be part of the annual routine diagnostic tools for early detection of many diseases.


Heart condition is one of the most common disease diagnosed on our beloved pets, whether congenital or acquired, we are able to provide your pet with chest and lungs auscultation, electrocardiogram, chest X-Rays and an echocardiogram with Cardiologist consultation to help your pet manage and delay the progression of the disease.

CT Scan

Mobile pet image will bring their state of the art equipment and highly trained personnel to perform scans and with results provided in 24 hrs with Radiologist and internal medicine consultation included.

Surgical procedures

We have a modern surgical suite. Our doctor has over 25 years of experience performing surgeries such as spay , neuter, lacerations repairs, intestinal obstructions, mass removal, etc.